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Danny Flores

Danny is a student at Dreher High School in Columbia, SC, where he also serves as the president of the state's largest Gay-Straight Alliance. He was a part of the first group of young artists to join TakeBreakMake, an LGBT-inclusive media arts education program at The Nickelodeon Theatre. During his first year, one of his films "Freak of Nature" was accepted as a part of the Indie Grits Official Selection for 2016. When he's not too busy being one of the most kickass humans on earth, he enjoys chilling out with his girlfriend Sarah.

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O.K. Keyes

O.K. Keyes is an Art Education doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University, focusing on creating media arts curriculum that can better engage and meet the needs of vulnerable youth populations. His work with TakeBreakMake layed down the groundwork for his current research areas, which includes engaging LGBT students with queerness beyond identity and harnessing the power of queerness as interruption. He also likes to take, break, and make Things.

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Alice Rodriguez

Alice is an educator, an artist, a musician, and fairy. Her project Muses of Wonderland is by far one of the most haunting yet empowering styles of music that you will ever hear. She is incredibly involved with youth organizing, having been a guest speaker at Youth OUTLOUD and a returning counselor for Girls Rock! Columbia. Don't mistake her haunting vocals for anything less than a battle cry.